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Andina Coffee is the creation of Maria Paz Varela Hernandez, Colombian , specifically from Cartagena, the north of the country and who moved from to Scotland in 2017. I (Maria) knew that there was a market for speciality coffee from Colombia in the UK and I have worked hard to bring some of the best Colombian coffee beans to the UK. After some time trying to sell online coffee, doing research and knowing that there was a huge competition out there, I decided to open a coffee shop with the bad/good luck that just after signing the leasing of the property the first lockdown in Scotland was announced. My husband and I worked hard to get the premises ready and we took turns with family members to help us with the refurbishing of it. After months of work we were able to operate as a takeaway in Dennistoun. Fast-forward  3 years without going into too many details we decided to expand and open our second coffee shop in the West End of Glasgow.


Andina Coffee Co. considers the hard working coffee farmers – who handpick our best coffee beans – artisans.  Our beans travel thousands of miles from the Andean (Andina in Spanish) Region of Colombia, South America, to your cup. We are proud to work with Fair-trade suppliers who provide quality coffee beans and fair working conditions for the artisan farmers. Andina Coffee works with a Colombian Cooperative that joined 2,200 associated families in 12 municipalities of the Norte del Valle (Colombia). This Cooperative has been in the market for 55 years as a leader on the production and marketing of coffee in the northern region of the department.

Diversification Of Crops

Coffee is a seasonal products and of course there are times that the coffee farmers do not have an income as their coffee is not ready to sell. For this reason our provider has created the Diversification of crops program which allow the coffee farmers to grow other kind of food in their crops while coffee is ready. But how does it work? In the hectares that they have in their farms, our provider help them also to grow food such as bananas, avocados, etc so they can have another source of income.

Soil And Foliar Laboratory

Technological tool at the service of the coffee grower to carry out analysis of the soil and soliar, in order to ensure a greater productivity and quality conserving the environment by the adequate use of fertilisers.

Sensory Coffee Analysis Laboratory

First certified Lab in Colombia by the SCA, in which Cafenorte  supervise and train all the coffee growers, in order to improve the quality of the product we offer to ur clients, under an ongoing improvement. Up to date Cafenorte has carried out more than 1.500 sensory analysis, which allow to have a characterisation of each zone.

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Maria Varela
SCA certified :
* Brewing Professional
* ⁠Sensory Analysis Intermediate
* ⁠Barista Foundation
Deison Henao
Coffee Roaster
Son of coffee farmers and spending all his life around coffee, Deison became the Roaster of the Cooperative through one of the programs offered by Cafenorte.
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Discover the Best Colombian Coffee

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