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Dark Chocolate 100% cacao Grand Cru

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  • Made with only 1 ingredient: selected cacao beans. We profoundly believe the chocolate industry does not need to add extra cocoa butter to hide off flavors derived from poor traceability or post-harvest control.
  • Complex sensory experience: tasting notes usually perceived in this bar are tropical fruits, woods, spirits such us whisky and cognac.
  • Full of real social impact: Elver has been fermenting and drying the cacao of our allied farmers for almost 8 years. He has the responsibility to develop the natural flavors of cacao in our post-harvest facility and make it easier for us to craft a truly differentiated chocolate.
  • Product certifications: Non GMO project verified & GFCO Gluten free.
  • Net weight: 2.3 oz per bar.

About this product:

Fall in love with our 100% Grand Cru Chocolate Bar – an exquisite and exclusive delight that's redefining the art of chocolate in the UK. Crafted with utmost precision and care, this extraordinary chocolate bar is the embodiment of elegance, passion, and sustainability.

At its heart lies a singular, unparalleled ingredient – Creolo cacao beans. These beans are more than just an exquisite source of flavor; they represent a heritage preserved amidst the challenges of war-torn regions in Colombia. They are the living testament to the dedication of our small-scale farmers, whose relentless commitment ensures the survival of this genetic treasure.

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