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Dark Chocolate With Hazelnut– 67% Cacao

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  • Made with just 3 ingredients: selected cacao beans. We profoundly believe the chocolate industry does not need to add extra cocoa butter to hide off flavors derived from poor traceability or post-harvest control.
  • Complex sensory experience: tasting notes usually perceived in this bar are tropical fruits, woods, spirits such us whisky and cognac.
  • Full of real social impact: Elver has been fermenting and drying the cacao of our allied farmers for almost 8 years. He has the responsibility to develop the natural flavors of cacao in our post-harvest facility and make it easier for us to craft a truly differentiated chocolate.
  • Product certifications: Non GMO project verified & GFCO Gluten free.
  • Net weight: 2.3 oz per bar.

A healthy and delicious dark chocolate made with just 3 ingredients. Cacao and hazelnuts account for 89% of the recipe. Normally, chocolates with hazelnuts contain little hazelnuts and artificial hazelnut flavour. With our bar you can taste the real and delicate flavour of these nuts.

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