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Andina Premium Blend Colombia

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Specialty Coffee – Premium Blend from 12 Regions of the North of Valle del Cauca – Colombia 100% Excelso Colombian Coffee
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Taste:                 Chocolate | Caramel, Almonds

Roast:                 Medium

Acidity:               Bright  | Citric

Origin:                 Colombia

Sort:                    100 % Arabica


Delight in Specialty Coffee from 12 Regions of Valle del Cauca – Colombia

Experience the artistry of our specialty coffee – a harmonious blend crafted from 12 regions in the North of Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
With each sip, you're transported to lush landscapes, where the land nurtures coffee beans with care and dedication.

Distinctive Excellence in Every Bean

Our premium coffee beans are 100% Excelso Colombian Coffee, carefully selected to bring you the pinnacle of taste.
The result?
Delicious notes of velvety chocolate, indulgent caramel, and the nutty warmth of almonds are encapsulated within our premium coffee beans.

Adina Coffee Beans: A Symphony of Taste and Excellence: Acidity and Body

The brightness of our coffee beans reveals itself through a vibrant citric acidity that awakens your senses.
As you take in each sip, you'll find a medium body that envelops your palate, creating a balanced and satisfying experience.

Unveiling Excellence: Scoring Above 86 on the Cupping Scale

Andina Premium Blend Colombia stands as a testament to excellence, achieving a score above 86 on the cupping scale.
Our coffee beans are a tribute to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every harvest and roast.

A Legacy of Quality: Gold Quality Award Winner

For four consecutive years, our fresh roasted coffee beans have proudly earned the Gold Quality Award, a recognition of its exceptional standards.
It's a validation of our commitment to crafting coffee that is beyond ordinary – it's extraordinary.

Brewing Possibilities: Perfect for Your Preferred Methods

Unleash the flavors of Adina coffee beans through various brewing methods.
This versatility ensures that you can savor Andina Premium Blend Colombia just the way you like it.
Savouring the taste of Adina’s fresh roasted coffee beans, roasted at the source.

Your Choice, Your Experience: Coffee Beans or Ground

Andina Coffee understands that coffee is personal.
Choose between whole coffee beans or ground coffee, allowing you to craft your preferred cup with convenience and precision.
Elevate your coffee ritual with Andina coffee beans – a symphony of taste, excellence, and Colombian tradition.
Buy Coffee Beans with Andina.

The Adina Coffee Experience: A Difference That Resonates

At Adina Coffee, we believe that every cup tells a story – a story of dedication, tradition, and a commitment to excellence.
What sets us apart is our unwavering devotion to crafting a coffee experience that transcends taste.
With each sip of Adina Coffee, you're not just enjoying a beverage.
You're immersing yourself in a journey that celebrates the heart and soul of Colombian coffee beans.

Our Commitment: Heritage and Helping Colombian Farmers Thrive

We carry the legacy of Colombian coffee beans with utmost pride.
Our commitment lies in honouring the rich heritage that's been cultivated over generations.
By sourcing beans from the 12 regions of the North of Valle del Cauca, Colombia, we preserve the authenticity that defines Colombian coffee.
But our commitment doesn't end there.
We are dedicated to creating a positive impact on the lives of Colombian farmers.
Through our unique practice of roasting premium coffee beans at its source, we not only ensure that you savour the true essence of Colombianity with every cup.
But also contribute to the well-being of the communities that cultivate these coffee beans.
Choosing Adina Coffee means choosing more than just a blend.
It means choosing to be part of a movement that supports tradition, uplifts communities, and delivers an exceptional coffee experience straight from the heart of Colombia.
Indulge in the flavours, embrace the heritage, and be a part of something greater with Adina Coffee.
Experience the flavours. Buy Coffee Beans with Andina.

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